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What is Headhunting?

Headhunting also called  “Executive Search”, is a recruitment method  specialized in the selection of management positions, executives or any profile that is difficult to recruit in a company.

What is HeadHunter?

The headhunter is the name given to the recruiter in charge of searching for this type of profile, he focuses on locating candidates with a very specific profile, identifying the talent that has the specific experience and skills that the client requires.

Our headhunting process

We implement an avant-garde work methodology to carry out the search that allows us not only to cover the exact requirement, but also to enrich it by detecting skills and values that add to the key positions in the company.

The phases that make it up are:

  • Understanding and analysis of the profile for the requested vacancy.

  • Selection of suitable recruitment sources for the search.

  • Selection process of potential candidates.

  • Submission of presentation and report of finalist candidates.

  • Selection of the final candidate.

Headhunters International

With the aim of expanding new territories abroad, we are aware that many times international talent also seeks an opportunity in our national territory.

As a HeadHunters International placement company , we recruit suitable personnel from abroad to work in Mexico, as well as select national talent to work abroad.

When should you hire a headhunting company?

The main reason for hiring a headhunting company is

What makes an effective leader

If we search the internet for the definition of "Leader" it automatically gives us two definitions:

Success Tips for New Managers

The following tips can help you get started, based on the fundamentals of building leadership.

How to optimize the staff recruitment process

Many companies take too long to hire. And that's one of the biggest mistakes employers can make every year.

Scope of our service

Our headhunter service focuses mainly on Aguascalientes, San Luis Potosí, the entire Bajío area, and Mexico City .


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