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Our Social Media

Welcome to our social space .

You will be able to know all the social platforms in which we have a presence and choose the one that best suits your tastes and interests.

It is worth mentioning that each of our networks has its own content, as well as its own style. You can find relevant news around Human Resources, employment opportunities, recruitment tips , as well as for job search and personal coaching , in addition to the participation we have with collaborations of fortnightly articles for an important digital magazine .

As a Human Resources company we seek to provide added value to all our clients and candidates, we do not want them to see us as just another service provider, or as a platform to find employment, we want to be an ally on the human side.

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In addition to our job bank, we also have a presence in employment portals such as Jooble , OCC Mundial and Computrabajo.

*It is worth mentioning that Rinteli never asks candidates for money to start a process, nor at the end of it.

Participation _  in  magazines _

We are pleased to be able to participate in one of the most important digital magazines today, with articles fortnightly, contributing  topics  focused  to the field of human capital and business coaching. Big Shot Magazine , by giving us the opportunity to collaborate with them, allows us to express issues of vital importance today for the CEOs of all companies, who often seek advice to improve their field of human resources, but above all, to better understand your collaborator.

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