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What are the Front and Middle Office?

By Recursos Humanos Rinteli

What are the Front and Middle Office?

Front Office

The front office is responsible for directing recruiters who work with clients and generate direct revenue for a business. Recruitment is the primary assignment of the front office because it operates with clients throughout the recruitment process. Their efforts guide the ability to generate income for the recruitment company.

Functions of the Front Office

Here is a brief list of some front-office recruitment responsibilities:

  • Meeting candidates

  • Identifying potential candidates for interviews

  • Marketing services

  • Developing client relationships

  • Sourcing, selecting, and placing candidates

Front Office Staff

In the business world, it generally refers to the sales and marketing teams of a corporation. They are the people who have the most communication with clients. The reception staff is also involved with the departments that generate the most revenue for the company.

Middle Office

The middle office in personnel recruitment is the financial services area of a company, investment bank, or hedge fund, which helps bridge the gap between the front and back office. It usually anticipates risk, and estimates profits as well as losses.

Function of the Middle Office

It is responsible for extracting resources from both the front office and the administrative office.

Key Points:

  • Tracks and processes all arrangements made by the front office before being negotiated by the administrative office.

  • Responsible for risk management and information technology in a company.

  • Developed from the growing sophistication of contemporary financial trading.

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