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How to prevent job burnout

By Rinteli Human Resources

Como prevenir el agotamiento laboral

Overwork and job stress not only bring with them mental and physical exhaustion, it also has as a consequence the desire to resign on the part of the collaborator, and if we add to this that many of them are still dealing with the aftermath of covid-19 and that several of them have been infected on more than one occasion, it is normal and understandable that their performance is altered.

As business owners or heads of departments, all of this is imperceptible most of the time, since more than 70% of employees feel uncomfortable expressing their health status remotely.

For this reason, in the following points, we expose what we can do to prevent or counteract employee burnout:

Establish working hours with certain time limits: Invite your collaborators to establish limits between their work and their personal lives. Also, let them know that it's okay if they need to adjust their schedule to get the balance right. It is very important that you point out that you want to know about them, that if something is wrong or does not work well, they will tell you so that a solution can be found.

Analyze and evaluate their roles: When an employee does not enjoy their work, it is very understandable that they feel frustrated and discouraged, this being the fastest route to job burnout. That said, you need to assess whether your collaborators are in the right positions, based on their strengths and interests. This can help you ensure that your workers are performing the activities where they can put their skills to the best use.

Be aware: You have to distribute the workload among your collaborators equitably and with feasible and achievable delivery times. Since it is very common among bad bosses to request things for yesterday or the day before yesterday. It is up to you to take care that the results are given and to generate a good harmony within the work area.

Recognize the effort: Remember when you were in their place, you always wanted to be valued and recognize your work, now it's your turn to make them feel that personal gratification. Let them realize that they have someone who values ​​their time and dedication.

Develop your team: As managers, one of our professional missions is to grow our work team. One way to do this is to provide them with constant feedback, so that they can improve and develop new skills. It is also advisable that when you prepare the annual budget, you take into consideration offering them a professional development course, they will greatly appreciate this.

Coexistence: Not everything is work, you must make time to be able to interact with them and convey to them that more than a work team, they are a family. You can organize a theme day once a fortnight such as "Pizza Day, Chela Day, Sushi Day, etc." Ask them what they would like to do on those leisure days.

Health service: You can hire a group of health specialists, who are constantly internally monitoring the collaborators, both their physical and mental health. So that together with HR, they can prevent situations and maintain a healthy work environment.

There are many ways you can prevent burnout, it's just that you want to give your employees a better work experience. All companies should be concerned about the well-being of their collaborator, since without them, the proper functioning and expected results could not be achieved.



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