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What is recruitment staffing?

By Rinteli Human Resources

what is recruitment staffing?

We can define the recruitment of personnel as the process of identification, attraction, selection, hiring and incorporation of employees in a company.

Depending on the size of the company, hiring may be the responsibility of a variety of workers. Larger organizations often have teams made up of recruiters, while small businesses may only have one recruiter. In small teams, the recruiting and selection manager may be responsible for the final selection for hire. Currently, many organizations hire the services of external recruitment and selection companies.

Companies that are in charge of the personnel selection and recruitment process almost always recruit candidates for new positions, with job boards, social media ads and others being the main recruitment channels.

Aspects to take into consideration for recruitment

The hiring process carried out by companies may vary in each one, however, there are 10 steps that are essential in the process, which we list below:

· Identify the hiring need.

· Develop a recruitment plan.

· Analyze and identify the profile of the position to be recruited.

· Search for suitable candidates for the position, through the different recruitment channels (database, job bank, social networks, etc).

· Initial evaluation.

· Implementation of interviews and evaluation tests.

· Check background and references.

· Job offer.

· Hiring.

· Induction.

Broadly speaking, the recruitment of personnel is reflected in the above, obviously more specific aspects are taken into consideration, such as types of hiring, modalities, etc., which make the difference between the different agencies, companies and outsourcing of personnel recruitment.

You have to keep in mind that when you are looking for a company that offers you this selection service, it means an investment, an investment that is not going to be cheap. Since what you are looking for is the staff that really gives you results and follows the objective that the company has, that is, to achieve growth. If you go by the lowest cost of the service, it is very likely that they will give you the same value of the candidate that you are paying.

We invite you to get to know our recruitment and personnel selection service, where we not only focus on the technical part and professional experience, we also give great value to the human part of the candidate.



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