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Developing   Organizational 

Organizational development what is it?​

We can define it as the process of knowing the culture, performance and health (Work climate) of an organization, being fundamental in the management of change in a company.

Characteristics of business development

To ensure healthy growth within the company, the following aspects must be taken into account:


  • data collection

  • Analysis and diagnosis (threats, internal and external problems).

  • Action plan (Formulation and implementation of strategic changes).

Objective of organizational development

It is the analysis of the different departments of the company, to ensure proper functioning to the operational needs, being an important part the evaluation of the deficiencies and the way of working of the departments and work groups.

Likewise, the different scenarios that can impact the different parts of the business (changes and unforeseen events) must be evaluated, to mention a few:


  • the competition

  • Historical development of organizational behavior

  • Established processes

  • Customers and their needs

  • The technology

  • Identify job talent

  • Growth plans within the company

  • talent retention

Our Organizational Development Consulting service is based on a planned and systematic process, whose strategy aims to support you in cultural and structural changes, management transitions to achieve your goals, adapting to your needs.

  • Job analysis.

  • Assessment Center.

  • Work climates.

  • Training.

  • Performance evaluations.

  • 360 evaluations.

  • Socioeconomic studies.

  • Medical studies.

  • Consulting, safety and hygiene.

  • Compensation studies.

Services Complementary

Servicio de Onboarding para empresas

Onbo burning

Service aimed mainly at foreign executives for complete labor integration.

It includes:

  • Information and social integration sessions.

  • Programs tailored to the client.

Course Psychosocial Factors at Work NOM-035-STPS

The objective is to know  and identify the necessary elements to comply with the Standard: NOM O35-STPS regarding psychosocial risk factors at work. Whose  The purpose is to avoid any sanction and as a whole company - collaborators obtain a healthier organizational environment.


 NOM-035-STPS, Factores de Riesgo Psicosocial
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