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NOM 035

Course Psychosocial Factors at Work. NOM-035-STPS

The entry into force of the Official Mexican Standard 035 requires companies to identify and anticipate psychosocial risk factors, regardless of their size.


Violence, harassment and abuse of power are a constant threat to the health, well-being and safety of employees, likewise it is a decisive point to determine a good labor productivity of the company.

Goal  of the course  NOM 035

Know  and identify the necessary elements to comply with the Standard: NOM O35 STPS regarding psychosocial risk factors at work. Whose  The purpose is to avoid any sanction and as a whole company - collaborators obtain a healthier organizational environment.

Who should take the course?

Directors, managers, supervisors, coordinators of all areas of the company, mainly the areas of Human Resources, Recruitment and Selection of Personnel and Medical Service, since those responsible for these areas are in charge of assisting the STPS in an inspection for compliance with said rule.

Some points of the NOM-035 course syllabus

  • General concepts.

  • Employer obligations.

  • Worker obligations.

  • Identification of psychosocial risk factors and evaluation of the organizational environment.

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