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Servicio de administración de nómina


(Payroll processing)

Currently in the business world the key point for obtaining success is the time dedicated to the company.  In Mexico, more than 70% of companies lose focus on the main points of their Core Business,  due to the fact that much of their time is spent on administrative activities that consume a lot of time and a large amount of resources.

What is payrolling?

Payrolling or payrol, is a professional service provided to companies to calculate the  payment of payroll (salaries), complying with all legal obligations.


By hiring our payroll administration service, we assume the responsibilities and payments of your employees on your behalf, we have a group of experts in payroll processing and labor tax issues.

Scope of our payroll service

Our payroll service focuses mainly on Aguascalientes and the entire Bajío area (Guanajuato, Jalisco, Querétaro, San Luis Potosí and Zacatecas), as well as in the Mexico City .

What is payroll?

With this payroll calculation service, the company delegates legal, fiscal and labor aspects. Being the HR company responsible for carrying out the process, taking into consideration...

How to choose a Payroll specialist?

A great advantage of hiring a payrolling specialist is the reduction in the costs of hiring new employees.

What is CFDI?

Its acronym stands for Digital Tax Receipt by Internet and it is an electronic document that meets the legal and regulatory requirements required by the SAT  .

Advantages of our payroll service.

  • By taking charge of  your payroll, you transfer all the administrative burden, you obtain cost reduction and savings of  time, focusing on the processes that add value to your company.

  • We guarantee adherence to current legislation and legal obligations.

  • Permanent advice on tax changes.

  • Reporting, Stamping and HR Administration.


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